I just love Wedding Wednesdays! Not only is this a new time of the week for couples to get married (some venues offer special rates for this day!) but I love this day to reflect on past weddings and the new events just around the corner!

I am proud to say the website is finally finished! I could not have done it without the incredible and patient experience of Brian McNay of Aviator Marketing here in Tampa! He has taken many phone calls and emails to get out of me what I wanted to see. And while there are many more things we will do to update and remain “social savvy”, I am very happy so far…so thank you, Brian! Be sure and check us out at www.thejoyofweddings.com.

Valentine’s Day remains one of the biggest engagement days of the year, hands down! It’s the time of love and romance, to share your thoughts and emotions about the one you love….to ask that all important question “Will you marry me” and be the one for life! I can’t help but remain sappy at all the great engagements that will take place. I also am extremely honored to be a part of the wedding of my couple this weekend, who will merge their hearts and their families into one as they say “I do” this Sunday. I tell all my couples I am your “sappy” wedding planner as I still get choked up at the intimate moments I am so grateful to be a part of. Not a wedding goes by I don’t shed a tear of joy and happiness for the couples and their families. This is why I just love this business!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sappy hearts out there….even just a simple “I love you” goes such a long way. Say it often, say it constantly….and never forget to remember the joy of YOUR wedding as a way to refill and replenish your sappy heart!!
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