Finding it hard to get everyone together for a big wedding?  Don’t like to “be on display” in front of so many?  Want just an intimate wedding?  So many other reasons come to mind, but none is really needed if you want an intimate wedding for 2.

I have officiated and planned many large weddings, but the intimate, small weddings are the ones that leave me breathless.  Now, don’t get me wrong…big weddings are a major production and the challenges associated with planning and executing an event of any proportion is what my planner heart lives for!  But unlike larger events, the private wedding between a bride and her groom, can be created to be as meaningful, if not more, as one with 200 guests.

My own daughter and her now husband worried about being “on display” in front of a large crowd.  She a teacher, him an accountant, never envisioned a large procession, but instead just wanted something small.  Now being the mom, and a wedding planner and officiant, I only insisted they allow me to be there…I didn’t want to miss it!  I will say, I had the greatest honor to preside over their vows, a gift I hold quite dear.  But this gave them the option to still have some of the traditions associated, speaking only to one another.  I offer customized vows to all my couples and her wedding was no different.  You know you have created “the moment” when your calm daughter bursts into tears with her husband right behind her as they spoke the very words that meant the most to their hearts.  It was a beautiful moment!    11027956_1595754023982741_7566114413645449644_n

Create your wedding day that best suits you and your future spouse.  There is nothing traditional anymore that says you have to speak before a congregation.  I believe an “I do” needs to be spoken from the heart in the way the other heart always hears it.  You came together in a way that was unique to the both of you…you wedding day commitment should be no different.

Now, if you are engaged and are wanting a small wedding, go for it!  Be creative, have fun, but most important, know you can create a day that is perfect in every way!